Special Recreation

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Orland Park Special Recreations Program
The Village of Orland Park Recreation Department's Special Recreation Program has been providing year-round recreation, sports, and social opportunities for individuals with special needs for the past 30+ years. We have one of the largest programs serving youth & adults with special needs in the southern region of the Chicagoland area. We offer 10 special olympic sports with over 300 active athletes.

In addition to our Special Olympic Sports, we offer a variety of weekly programs that improve the physical, cognitive and social growth/progress of our participants. We have over 30 experienced/trained coaches and instructors that really enhance the quality of our program.

Available Programs
We offer a variety of programs, which include:
  • Family Events
  • Fitness
  • Overnights
  • Social
  • Special Events
  • Special Olympics
  • Vacation Trips
Weekly programs meet once a week at a designated day and time for a season. The number of weeks per season varies, and is between six to 14 weeks. We offer programs four seasons per year.

If your child with special needs is interested in programs not offered in the special recreation section of our brochure, the Recreation Department encourages and supports inclusive programming for a variety of programs: dance, athletics, early education, etc. Please indicate on your registration form if a one-on-one aide is needed to help make your child's experience successful. Please fill out details specific to your child's one-on-one needs.

An assessment will be completed by the special recreation staff and a one-on-one staff member will be provided. In the event that a one-on-one aide is not available, the special recreation staff will notify you immediately. Failure to register first may result in a program filling to capacity without placement being possible.

Special Events
Special events are one day programs that run for two or more hours. Approximately three or four special events are offered each season. Overnight trips are usually offered three or four times per year.

Nick Harvey
Special Recreation Program Supervisor, *CTRS
Bridget McCormick
Senior Program Coordinator
Special Events, Trips, Friday Social and Saturday Programs
Sean O'Hara
Senior Program Coordinator Inclusion, Volunteer Opportunities, Fundraising
Jessica Pelegrino
Program Assistant
General Programs & Events
*CTRS—A certified therapeutic recreation specialist (CTRS) is a professional who works to improve the mental, emotional, and physical well-being of individuals with special needs. A CTRS possesses certifi cation by the National Council for Therapeutic Recreation Certifi cation (NCTRC). This credential serves as evidence to employers and clients that they are a service provider who adheres to quality standards.

Upcoming Events
   No events available.