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Snow Plowing Jurisdictions

The Village of Orland Park takes great pride in making sure all of the roads within its jurisdiction are plowed and salted during a storm event. Please keep in mind that several state and local agencies other than the Village are responsible for snow removal on some roads. Check out 
a map of the various snow removal jurisdictions in Orland Park, as well as contact information for the agencies involved.

Winter Parking Ban

Orland Park’s Winter Parking Ban takes effect once two inches (2”) of snow falls.  Once two inches (2”) of snow falls or more, you are not allowed to park any vehicle, on any village-owned street, for a period of time longer than three (3) minutes for unloading or loading of passengers or thirty (30) minutes for loading and unloading of property.  This ban applies for a period of eight (8) hours after the snow stops falling, or until the streets have been cleared of snow.


Residents can assist Village crews (and avoid a parking ticket) in the snow removal efforts by parking vehicles in driveways or other off-street areas.

Parking During Snow Removal – Ord. 9-7-6

It shall be unlawful to park any vehicle for a period of time longer than three (3) minutes for unloading or loading of passengers or thirty (30) minutes for loading and unloading of property on any street at any time after snow begins to fall and for a period of eight (8) hours after snow stops falling, if snow on the street exceeds two inches (2") in depth, provided, that said parking restriction shall continue during snow removal operations until completed.

The provisions of this Section shall not apply to any ambulance or to any emergency vehicle of any government agency nor to the vehicles of any public utility while the operation of such vehicle is engaged in the necessary performance of emergency duties, and provided further, that this Section shall not apply to any vehicle brought to a stop to avoid collision or standing in compliance with the order of any police officer or the direction of any traffic direction control signal.

Members of the Police Department of the Village are hereby authorized to remove any vehicle in violation of this Section from any public way to the Village vehicle pound or authorized garage as determined and designated by the Police Commissioner at the expense of the owner or operator of said vehicle.

It shall be unlawful for any person to operate any vehicle as a snow plow on the streets of the Village without having been authorized so to do by the Police Commission of the Village.

It shall be unlawful for any person to in any manner deposit, push or shovel any snow removed from other areas into the public streets in the Village.  (Ord. 354, 12-4-67)

Snow Removal

When a storm begins, day or night, Public Works crews are promptly mobilized and dispatched.  The type of storm, anticipated accumulation, expected duration and other variables such as wind, drifting and temperature dictates how our specific snow plowing operations will progress.

The snow removal process includes a prioritized implementation schedule in order to ensure public safety.  It is imperative to clear main roads first to provide mobility and access for police, fire and ambulatory activity.  All village-owned streets will be plowed with main streets cleared first, followed by side-streets, and finally cul-de-sacs and dead ends.  Check out a map of street priorities in Orland Park.

To clear our roads as quickly as possible and keep them safe for travel, we need the cooperation of all our residents.  Those with questions regarding snow removal can contact the Public Works Department at 708-403-6350.


Plow Speeds

Snow plow operators drive the speed limit; however, sometimes plow trucks appear to be moving fast due to their size, the sound of the plow being pushed along the streets and the force of the snow being pushed. If you suspect a plow truck is driving too fast, call the Village with the location and time it was witnessed and the Village will access that truck’s GPS record and address it with the driver.


Snow Tips

1. Village ordinance prohibits parking on streets once two inches (2”) of snow has fallen.

2. Parked vehicles must be kept off of the streets for eight hours after it has stopped snowing.

3. When clearing the driveway, residents shall place snow on either side of the driveway and never in the street.

4. Residents should keep garbage cans and recycle bins from rolling into the street on garbage pickup day.

5. Designate curbs with five free stakes available from Public Works Department, 15655 S. Ravinia Avenue.

6. Digging from the street, clear out hydrants so that fire personnel can easily access them if necessary.

7. Do not clear your driveway at the curb line until the snowplow driver has made his last curb pass in front of your residence.

8. Be patient.  Every storm is different with many variables.  Streets may have to be plowed more than once.

9. Communicate with the Public Works Department.  Report any ice formations on the street so that they can be salted.  Clear the snow from storm sewers in front of your home so melting snow can easily drain, preventing ice patches.

10. Mailboxes should be kept in good repair and be placed at least one foot behind the curb to avoid damage.  It is the responsibility of the resident to clear a safe path around mailboxes to ensure delivery.  Homeowners’ associations are responsible for clearing the area around cluster mailboxes.


Plows Up

There are times when snow plow operators must drive with the plows up. Reasons include a shift change or meal break; the road doesn’t belong to the Village (such as a state or county road); or the plow has mechanical issues.