Temporary Outdoor Seating

Application Process for Temporary Outdoor Seating Due to COVID-19


When is permit required? Permits are not required for existing outdoor seating areas where no modifications or expansion is taking place. Those restaurants with existing outdoor seating are still required to comply with all social distancing guidelines outlined in the amended executive order issued by Governor Pritzker.


Permits are required for any creation, modification, or expansion of outdoor seating area.


Vehicle Protection: Appropriate vehicle barriers will be required. A local concrete supplier is making concrete blocks available at a discount. If interested, please indicate your interest on your application.



  1. Complete Special Event Permit application – https://www.orlandpark.org/services/permits-licenses-inspections/permits/special-events


  2. Complete tent permit application (if applicable) - https://www.orlandpark.org/services/permits-licenses-inspections/permits/special-events


  3. Submit a site plan showing proposed new or expansion of existing outdoor seating areas. This should include but is not limited to: location of tables, seating, tents, porta-johns, barriers for protection from vehicles, boundary designations, waste disposal, fencing, exits and entrances with dimensions and setbacks.


  4. Provide the current business hours, letter of authorization from the owner of the property, and a 24-hour emergency contact.


  5. The Village will review the proposal and coordinate with the restaurant and business owner to adjust the plans to make sure they comply with the applicable code sections.