Sign regulations are outlined in Land Development Code Article 6, Part 3, Section 6-307. For information on individual sign topics, please refer to the sections listed below.


Permanent Signs:
New wall signs and ground-mounted signs shall be $9 per linear feet (measuring the perimeter) but not less than $90. Permanent Sign Permit Application. Information for Each Additional Permanent Sign

Temporary Signs:
$90; refer to the above Code Sec. 6-307.G for allowable temporary signs. Temporary Sign Permit Application

Popular Sign Code Sections:
  • Signs Allowed Without Permit - Sec. 6-307.D.1.a
  • Allowable Signs - Sec. 6-307.E.1
  • Prohibited Signs - Sec. 6-307.E.2
  • Sandwich Boards/A-Frames - Sec. 6-307.D.1.a.13
  • Construction Signs - Sec. 6-307.H.1
  • Real Estate Signs - Sec. 6-307.D.1.a.5
  • Temporary Signs - (Banners, Inflatables, Dual Post) - Sec. 6-307.G
  • Window Signage - Sec. 6-307.D.1.a.7
  • Signs Permitted in Residential Districts (Sign District #1) - Sec. 6-307.F.2.a
  • Signs Permitted in Commercial / Office Districts (BIZ, COR, VCD, LSPD, RMC, ORI) (Sign District #2) - Sec. 6-307.F.2.b
  • Signs Permitted in Commercial Eastern 159th Street Corridor (Sign District #3) - Sec. 6-307.F.2.c
  • Signs Permitted in Industrial Districts (MFG) (Sign District #4) - Sec. 6-307.F.2.d
  • Permanent Sign Bonuses for Districts #2, #3 & #4 - Sec. 6-307.F.3
  • Signs Permitted For Automobile Service Stations - Sec. 6-307.H.3
  • Definitions - Sec. 6-307.K