Decks / Pool Decks

Permit Requirements:
Permit is required for building a deck, the permit fee is $350. A plan review is required for all new decks. A permit is required for deck repairs, price to be determined based on scope of work.
The following is needed to apply for permit:
  • A completed permit application
  • A recent legible copy of legal plat of survey showing existing building and setbacks to lot lines
  • A deck drawing showing:
    • Deck size
    • Location of posts
    • Diameter of piers
    • Size and type of joists, decking, and beams
    • Stair details
    • Materials to be used
  • If property is governed by a association, a letter of approval from your association is required
  • A signed copy of Deck Installation Rules and Requirements
  • '
Pool Deck:
If applicable, you must also meet the requirements for above-ground pool decks

(3) Required Inspections:

A post hole inspection is required before holes are filled. The inspection must be requested 24 hours in advance. A rough inspection is required prior to the decking being installed. A final inspection is required after the deck is complete.Please complete the inspection request form. Inspection requests are not taken over the phone.