Above Ground Pools

Application Prerequisites

  • For all above-ground pools a permit is required which has a minimum fee of $175.
  • A 5-foot minimum fence is also required around the property owners yard or top of pool. The owner will need to obtain a separate fence permit as well.

Pool Deck
If applicable, you must also meet the requirements for above-ground pool decks. If applicable, a deck permit is required.

Maximum lot coverage is limited for each zoning district. See the Village Land Development Code Article 6, Part 2, District Regulations, for complete information.

Applying for Permit
Property owners will need the following information in order to apply for permits:

  • Permit Application 
  • Electrical Permit Application
  • Legible copy of recent Plat of Survey
  • Signed copy of Above-Ground Pool Rules and Requirements
  • Contractor information, if one is being used
  • If installing a heater, a mechanical permit or plumbing permit is required.

Required Inspections
Minimum of Electrical Underground and Final Inspections Required.