Amusement License

Application Review:
All Amusement Device applications are required to be reviewed and approved by the Development Services and Planning Committee and the Village Board of Trustees. The applications are to be:
  • Amusement Device Application
  • Completed in the name of the business where the machine will be located
  • Submitted fully completed
  • Submitted with a $100 check made out to the Village of Orland Park

Village Code Amusement Devices

Personal Appearance:
Appearances before the Development Services, the Planning Committee, and the Village Board of Trustees will be required. If approved, the $100 check will be applied to the license fees. Fee for an Amusement Device license is $50 per device, per year.

Amusement Device Licenses are covered in Title 7, Chapter 6, of the Village Code. For further information, call Development Services.