Download application - type in information - save file - attach file to email. Hand written applications will no longer be accepted.

The Development Services Department processes and issues the following licenses and registrations:
  • Amusement Device License Application - Board Approval required 
  • Billiards License
  • Business Licenses
  • Contractor Licenses
  • Crime Free Rental Housing Registration
  • Electrical Registration (Supervisory Exam)
  • Massage Background Check Application  (Processed by the police department)
  • Pet Shop Operator's License Application
  • Tobacco Sales License Application - Fee is $75 per year
  • Vending Machine License Application - Fee is $50 per vending machine, per year
  • Video Gaming License Application

Licenses processed and issued by other village departments:
  • Door to Door Solicitation - Issued by the Police Department 708-349-4111
  • Liquor Licenses - Issued by the Mayor's Office 708-403-6186
  • Intersection Solicitation Permit - Issued by the Clerk's Office
  • Raffle License - Issued by the Clerk's Office 708-403-6150
  • Vehicle Stickers - Issued by the Cashier's Office 708-403-6175