Village's 2017-19 Vehicle Stickers to Salute Law Enforcement

Village's 2017-19 Vehicle Stickers to Salute Law Enforcement
Posted on 02/21/2017

Orland Park Mayor Dan McLaughlin unveiled the new village vehicle sticker design at the February 20 Village Board Meeting. The village's 2017-19 sticker salutes law enforcement.

"We want our local police and law enforcement across the country to know that Orland Park supports them," the mayor said. "Police officers on all levels have had a hard time these past few years and it's time for people to thank them for their service."

Orland Park's new sticker, which goes on sale Tuesday after Memorial Day, May 30, shows a black and white American flag with a thin blue line. The blue stripe in the middle shows support for police officers. The top of the sticker reads, "Orland Park Supports Police."

"The Orland Park community has been very supportive," said Interim Village Manager/Police Chief Tim McCarthy. "Our personnel have received cards and letters thanking them for protecting the community and it's meant a lot to all of us."

During the unveiling of the new sticker, the mayor said a number of residents had called wanting the village do something to support law enforcement. "We've had a lot of people call to ask that Orland Park do something to show our support," the mayor said.

Interim Village Manager/Police Chief Tim McCarthy added, "We showed the sticker to our retired officers' group and they were wild about it."

Vehicle sticker applications for 2017-19 will be mailed at the end of May to village residents who have previously purchased stickers. Stickers will be available for purchase beginning Tuesday, May 30, 2017.

All vehicles registered to Village of Orland Park addresses must display current village stickers with the 2017-19 stickers affixed to the lower right windshield on the passenger side by June 30, 2017.