Village Residents Can "Opt In" for Energy Savings

Village Residents Can "Opt In" for Energy Savings
Posted on 05/29/2013

In June 2012, the Village of Orland Park created an electrical aggregation program saving residents money on their monthly electric bills. At that time, residents were automatically enrolled unless they chose to opt-out of the program.

Nordic Energy Services provided a rate of 4.82/kwh which was significantly lower than the ComEd rate. ComEd continues to provide delivery service as well as invoicing and Nordic Energy provides the energy service.

Residents who chose to "opt out" and new residents can still take advantage of the negotiated savings by enrolling with Nordic Energy Services. Call Nordic directly at 1-877-808-1022 and tell them you are a Village of Orland Park resident and wish to “opt-in” to the aggregation program.

The village will continue to monitor this program for savings opportunities for its residents.