Village Plow Crews Continue Snow Clean Up & Salting

Village Plow Crews Continue Snow Clean Up & Salting
Posted on 01/16/2014

The Village of Orland Park Public Works Department is continuing its snow clean-up efforts with the long awaited arrival of warmer temperatures.

“Everyone is glad that the temperatures are rising,” said village Infrastructure Maintenance Director John Ingram. “Just days ago, we had nearly 10 inches of snow and high temperatures that never got above zero,” he said.

The heavy snows and sub-freezing temperatures created hard packed snow on roads throughout the region. Because road salt does not work in extremely low temperatures, village crews used liquid de-icers to help facilitate travel.

“As the temperatures rose, our crews began salting again,” Ingram said. “The milder temperatures, sun and traffic all combined to create a melting effect that has now turned the hard pack snow to slush,” he said, “The salt and slush combination has helped move the melting process along.”

Throughout the recent snow events, the Village of Orland Park has stressed the importance of not parking on village streets and reminded residents to not push shoveled snow into the street.

“When residents push snow from their property into the street, they create an icy traffic hazard during freezing temperatures and create more melting slush when the weather breaks,” Ingram said. “It’s a no win situation. This is why we tell people to push their driveway snow onto their lawns and parkways and never, ever into the street,” he said.

Village plows returned to the street Friday morning to move the melting slush to the sides of the roads.

“The rising temperatures helped melt the slush and we remind residents to keep an eye on storm inlets near their homes,” Ingram said. Street sewers should be kept clear of debris so melting snow and rain can drain from the streets.

“Public Works crews have been pushing back street corners to help keep the inlets clear,” Ingram said, adding, “If residents can check on the inlets near their homes, making sure they’re clear for the melting that’s already started, that would help a lot.”

Friday night’s low temperature is expected to be around 34 degrees. There is a chance of rain and snow before noon on Saturday with a high of 36 degrees by noon. Temperatures will fall to around 31 degrees during the remainder of Saturday with wind gusts at 25 mph.

Rain is expected to end around 4 a.m. on Saturday with a 100% chance of precipitation of a half to three quarter inches of rain. There is a 20% chance of snow and rain before noon on Saturday. 
Icing conditions continue throughout the village Friday night as the ground remains cold enough to create ice. Weather radar shows the system moving through faster than previously expected.

Village crews remain out salting at 6 p.m. Friday night into early Saturday morning. A second crew is on call for an early call out on Saturday.

“Because the ground is still cold and we’ve gotten a lot of rain, it is icy outside,” Ingram said. “Everyone should be very careful when going outside tonight --- both with driving and with walking.”