Village of Orland Park Offers Residents Multiple Ways to Report Potholes

Village of Orland Park Offers Residents Multiple Ways to Report Potholes
Posted on 03/17/2017

As the winter season in Orland Park begins to change, the village's Public Works Department reminds residents to keep an eye out for potholes.

With more than 200 miles of road running throughout Orland Park, residents are encouraged to report any and all streets needing attention to the village's Public Works Department via the village's pothole hotline, through the village's website or on the village's mobile app.

"The winter months are rough on our roads and we know that ice and snow, mixed with freezing temperatures weaken the roads causing them to crumble," said Mayor Dan McLaughlin. "Our Public Works Department does a great job of getting out there to repair potholes, but often times we need residents to chime in so the street can be patched up as quickly as possible."

In 2016, the Public Works Dept. staff filled more than 3,400 potholes throughout the village. Thus far in 2017, almost 1,700 potholes have been filled.

"There are a number of ways to report potholes in the village," said Trustee Mike Carroll, chair of the village's Public Works Committee. "Residents can call them in. They can access the pothole area of the village's website or they can use the village's phone app to let Public Works know where the pothole is."

To report a pothole, drivers may call the village's pothole hotline at (708) 403-5010. Callers are asked to give their names, addresses and phone numbers as well as the locations of the potholes, including the nearest cross streets.

Residents can also log onto the village's website at and click on the far right green button titled "How Do I?" and click on "Online Services." A list of options will appear alphabetically - look for "Report a Pothole." Residents can then submit an online form.

For residents using the village's mobile app, click on the Requests and Permits button found on the app's main page. The Village of Orland Park mobile app is available for download through the Apple store or Google Play and is compatible with Apple and Android devices.

"The process of filling a pothole is performed with a machine called the Durapatcher. Stone, mixed with an asphalt emulsion, is blown into the pothole filling it," said Director of Public Works John Ingram. "A thin layer of clean stone is then blown over the entire hole to prevent tracking the asphalt emulsion on tires. When completed the pothole has the appearance of being filled with only stone and may be slightly higher than the surrounding pavement."

For potholes that do not fall within the village's jurisdiction, Public Works staff will notify the responsible agency - Orland or Palos Township, Cook or Will County or the State of Illinois.

Residents can confirm if the street is a village street when they use the online pothole report form. Should the road fall outside village jurisdiction, residents will see contact information for state, county and township roads.

"Weather permitting, Public Works will generally respond within a few days, so use any means that's easiest for you," Ingram said. "Should the repair take longer, our staff will notify the resident with a status of the repairs."

"With the help of residents, village streets can get any needed repairs as quickly as possible," McLaughlin added.

For more information, contact the Public Works Department at (708) 403-6350.