Village of Orland Park Debuts New Wayfinding Icon/Village Logo

Village of Orland Park Debuts New Wayfinding Icon/Village Logo
Posted on 09/13/2016

Orland Park has a new image and the community played an active role in its creation.

“Creating a new logo for the village has been a community effort,” said Mayor Dan McLaughlin. “We had a steering committee of officials and staff that invited everyone to be a part of the process. Thank you to those who helped make the village’s new brand a reality.”

The concept of a Wayfinding and Branding Plan for the Village of Orland Park began when the Village Board approved both the 2013 Comprehensive and Strategic Transportation Plans. Officials and staff recognized a need for an updated and unified approach to community identity and directional (wayfinding) signage within the village.

In mid-January of 2016, the village held an open house to display potential designs created by Teska Associates, the village’s consultant. The Village Board voted on the final design in June, 2016.

Trustee Jim Dodge chaired the village’s steering committee that oversaw the development of the wayfinding campaign and the search for a new symbol.

“We wanted to create a unified brand for the village, an across the board symbol for use through all of the departments and the community,” Dodge explained. “We were looking for something unique to Orland Park, something representative of Orland Park that wasn’t just a municipal seal.”

More than 400 residents participated in the village’s 2015 Wayfinding and Branding Survey. The survey was initiated to gather the community’s input about Orland Park’s identity to help the village create new branding and signage for key locations in town. Of the 433 total responses received, 82 percent came from people who had lived in Orland for more than 10 years.

“As we try to make it easier for people to find things in Orland Park --- easier to find our local businesses --- we knew that the image was important and that it had to be unique,” Dodge explained. “We asked residents, brought in advisors, enlisted the help of staff and created what we feel is a great icon for Orland Park.”

The elements of Orland Park’s new symbol relate to different aspects of the community. A gemstone design, the concept comes from local residents describing the community as the “crown jewel” in Chicago Southland and “the jewel of the prairie.”

Dodge added, “Going forward, when you see the Orland Park image on your iPhone, you will instantly recognize it and know that’s the Orland Park smart phone app or the village’s website. We wanted to have a unique, attractive image that identifies Orland Park.”

The horizontal and vertical bands symbolize the village’s two major roadway corridors, LaGrange Road and 159th Street, with retail, dining and entertainment destinations. The horizontal and vertical band terminals represent the village’s major gateways and Orland Park’s easy access to major regional roadways.

“It’s been interesting and rewarding to see how the new brand has evolved,” said Trustee Kathy Fenton, chair of the village’s Development Services Committee. Fenton chaired the 1993 ad hoc committee that oversaw the creation of the village seal and the design of the village flag.

“It’s nice when the community comes forward to be a part of the process,” Fenton said. The village’s new logo does not replace the village seal.

The O typogram represents both the O in Orland Park and the village’s heart of the community, the Old Orland Historic District, an important part of Downtown Orland Park. Green quadrants are included to represent the community’s neighborhoods, parks and green spaces.

The town's "center" is seen as shifting from the Orland Square Mall area to the village's evolving downtown, according to the results of the 2015 survey.

“For the longest time, people have thought of Orland Square as the town center,” McLaughlin said. “It’s good to know that people see Downtown Orland Park as the center of town with Main Street, Orland Crossing, the historic area and the civic corridor.”

The village’s new brand will soon be seen on vehicular directional signs, village gateway signs, those designating the community’s historic district, municipal signs, signs at village parks and bicycle directional signs. This is part of the community-wide wayfinding phase. The implementation of the wayfinding project will occur over time, as old signs are replaced/reconfigured and new directional signs are installed.

“Orland Park has never had one unique logo like this,” McLaughlin said. “We’re looking forward to people becoming familiar with it and knowing all that it means to Orland Park.”