Village Residents Invited to Complete Non-Scientific Community Survey

Village Residents Invited to Complete Non-Scientific Community Survey
Posted on 04/10/2014

The Village of Orland Park completed its 2014 scientific community survey within the past few weeks. A full report of the study’s results will be presented to the Village Board in late May.

Randomly selected households from throughout the village were asked to participate in the 2014 community survey facilitated by the National Research Center.

“We received a lot of valuable feedback with the village’s first community wide survey in 2012,” said Orland Park Mayor Dan McLaughlin. “We learned that people are very proud of Orland Park and they shared with us areas that they feel we need to focus on,” the mayor said.

Village residents who were not asked to complete the scientific version of the survey are now being asked to participate online.

“The answers we receive online won’t be a part of the scientific data from the most recent survey,” said Trustee Jim Dodge, chair of the village’s Economic Development Strategy and Community Engagement Committee. “However, they will be analyzed and do provide valuable feedback from village residents,” Dodge said.

The online survey includes just more than 20 short web pages asking questions about village services, events, programs, communication, public safety and more. Adult residents age 18 and older are invited to participate in the survey through mid-May. Responses are anonymous and will be reported in group form only.

“It only takes a few minutes of quickly clicking the chosen answer,” McLaughlin said. “We invite everyone who has a few minutes to share their thoughts with us to be a part of the process,” he added.

The village’s online survey is accessible at