InOur.Community Orland Park Rewards Civic Engagement

InOur.Community Orland Park Rewards Civic Engagement
Posted on 01/29/2015

Orland Park area residents will soon be rewarded for being more engaged. The Village of Orland Park is ready to debut its newest civic engagement program, “In Our Community™ of Orland Park.”

“This is a free program that people join to be rewarded for doing things that add to the spirit of community in Orland Park,” explained Mayor Dan McLaughlin. “It’s a neat and innovative way to get people involved on the local level,” he said.

Area residents ages 18 years and older or ages 13 years and older with parent/guardian permission can join the program for free at

The site opens with 18 initial categories, each with multiple ways for members to earn points. These categories include Community Pride, Supporting Area Businesses, Village Programs, Spotlight on our non-profits, Community Venues and more.

“What makes this a novel program is that people can earn points for being more engaged and for things they do all the time in Orland Park, like eating at local restaurants, visiting village buildings, attending village events, shopping at Orland Square,” said Trustee Jim Dodge, chair of the village’s Economic Development Strategy and Community Engagement Committee.

The community pride category invites members to earn points by trying an Orland Park trivia contest, re-tweeting a congratulatory message for the Carl Sandburg High School Cheer Team, sharing information about the Orland Park Village Center and posting a photo of a favorite Orland Park location on Instagram with a specific hashtag.

The mayor added, “This program also encourages people to increase their sustainability efforts by going to the village’s list of things they can do around their homes to make them more energy efficient and to help conserve our natural resources.”

“I think residents of all ages will have a lot of fun with InOur.Community™. Navigating the site is very straight forward and easy. The opportunities to earn points are relevant and the components will change weekly to keep the program fresh and interesting,” the mayor said.

After members have earned points for being engaged, they can try to redeem their points for rewards and experiences found in the redeem section of the site. Earned points can be used to bid on numerous items as well as for entries into sweepstakes.

At launch, there are more than 25 different rewards on the site including four tickets to see “The Million Dollar Quartet,” the first dance at the Daddy-Daughter Dance, iFly Indoor Skydiving sessions, multiple free memberships to the Village of Orland Park Sportspex and a variety of gift cards.

The InOur.Community™ Program offers a cost-effective way for area businesses to promote their brands. Each category, as well as the underlying ways for members to earn and redeem points, provides space for custom advertisements, built and managed by the Chicago-based technology company behind the solution, BondingPoint.

“The InOur.Community™ solution was conceived with the purpose of tying all aspects of a community closer together --- its residents, institutions and equally important, its businesses. Knowing that communities thrive when their local businesses thrive, we’re making it possible for even the smallest of businesses to market themselves,” said BondingPoint CEO and Orland Park resident John Calzaretta.

“Businesses can advertise for as little as $80 per month, a month at a time if they choose,” Calzaretta said. Area businesses can also get involved by providing goods and/or services that would be used as rewards on the site.

Joining the program requires only basic information including a first and last name and a valid email address. Some of the opportunities to earn points are through social media outlets; however, there will be other ways for members to earn points. There will be several different ways for members to earn points, allowing any age group to easily participate.

“We will have locations in town where people will pick up a promo code for being there, sign into the site and enter the code and earn points for attending that event or they may earn for getting something done earlier than required, like a vehicle registration or for filling out a survey,” Dodge explained.

Data privacy is a key priority of the program. Any data collected will be kept private, will solely be the property of the village, and no 3rd parties will be provided access to the specific data. Details of the privacy policy can be found on the welcome page of the site.

Participants need not live in Orland Park to participate. Further information and free membership details can be found at www.InOur.Community/orlandpark. Advertising details and further information are available by writing to