Orland Park Braces for Severe Temperatures and More Snow

Orland Park Braces for Severe Temperatures and More Snow
Posted on 12/15/2016

The Village of Orland Park is prepared for the winter weather coming to the Chicago area. Extreme temperatures and more snow are expected this weekend and into next week.

"Our Public Works Department is ready to go once the snow comes and the police station is the village's primary warming center should people need it," said Mayor Dan McLaughlin.

Open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, the Orland Park Police Station at 15100 South Ravinia Avenue is the village's primary warming center with additional facilities being available if warranted.

"If someone needs a warm place to go or if their heat goes out, come to the police station," said Trustee Dan Calandriello, chair of the village's Public Safety Committee.

"And, as we do whenever extreme weather is predicted for Orland Park, we ask everyone to check on their senior and disabled neighbors," McLaughlin said. "Knock on the door. Call them on the phone and ask if they're okay or if they need something from the store."

Each year, the village shares its top ten snow tips including parking on village streets being prohibited once two inches of snow has fallen. Parked vehicles must be kept off of the street for 10 hours after it has stopped snowing. When clearing driveways, residents should push the snow to either side of the driveway or on the lawn and never back into the street.

"Not pushing snow back into the street is a big issue," said Trustee Michael Carroll, chair of the village's Public Works Committee. "Residents who push the snow into the street thinking the plow will move it end up with an icy, snow packed dangerously slick patch right at the end of their driveways. Always push or blow snow to your lawn and never to the street."

Primary streets are plowed first in the village followed by secondary streets and cul-de-sacs.

Residents should keep garbage and recycling toters from rolling into the street on garbage pick-up days. To minimize the chance of damaging grass curbs may be designated with free stakes available at the Public Works Department, 15655 South Ravinia Avenue.

Digging from the street, able bodied residents are encouraged to clear out fire hydrants so fire personnel can easily access them. Once the snow has stopped it typically requires four passes by the plow to clear the street from curb to curb. Residents should not clear their driveways at the curb until the snow plow has made its last pass in front of the driveway.

"We appreciate our residents' patience," said Director of Public Works John Ingram. "Every storm is different with all types of variables. We ask that residents communicate with Public Works and let us know about icy formations on the street."

Residents are encouraged to clear snow from storm sewers in front of their homes so that melting snow can easily drain, preventing ice patches. Mailboxes should be kept in good repair and placed at least one foot behind the curb to avoid damage. To ensure mail delivery, residents must clear the snow from around their mailboxes after the street has been plowed.

Questions about snow removal in the Village of Orland Park may be directed to the Public Works Department at 708/403-6350.