Orland Park’s Top 10 Snow Tips

Orland Park’s Top 10 Snow Tips
Posted on 12/09/2018
Snow events are closely monitored and the Village of Orland Park Public Works crews are promptly mobilized and dispatched once a storm begins. Please be patient as the crews clear main roads first to ensure public safety.Snow Tips - Kathy Fenton
  1. Village ordinance prohibits parking on village streets once two inches of snow have fallen.

  2. Parked vehicles must be kept off of the streets for eight hours after it has stopped snowing.

  3. When clearing the driveway, residents should place snow on either side of the driveway---on the lawn---and never in the street.

  4. Residents should keep garbage cans and recycle bins from rolling into the street on garbage pick up day.

  5. Designate curbs with five free stakes available from the Public Works Department, 15600 South Ravinia Avenue.

  6. Digging from the street, clear out hydrants so that fire personnel can easily access them if necessary.

  7. Do not clear your driveway at the curbline until the snowplow driver has made his last curb pass in front of your residence.
  8. Be patient. Every storm is different with many variables. Streets may have to be plowed more than once.

  9. Communicate with the Public Works Department. Report any ice formations on the street so that they can be salted. Clear the snow from storm sewers in front of your home so melting snow can easily drain, preventing ice patches.

  10. Mailboxes should be kept in good repair and be placed at least one foot behind the curb to avoid damage. It is the residents’ responsibility to clear a safe path around mailboxes to ensure delivery. Homeowners’ associations are responsible for clearing the area around cluster mailboxes.