Mayor McLaughlin Sends Recorded Phone Message With Important Reminders

Mayor McLaughlin Sends Recorded Phone Message With Important Reminders
Posted on 01/06/2014

The following phone message from Mayor Dan McLaughlin was launched earlier this evening to subscribers to the village’s Code Red Alert System. All village residents and businesses are encouraged to sign up for this free notification service at

This is Orland Park Mayor Dan McLaughlin, calling with important information because of the dangerous weather in Orland Park.

The Orland Park Police Department, at 151st and Ravinia, is the village’s primary warming center for anyone needing shelter. And, we have other village buildings available if needed.

There will be no garbage pick up on Monday, January 6 because of the dangerous temperatures. Garbage pick up will be one day later for all village residents --- just like a holiday schedule. Be sure toters are behind the curbline so they don’t roll into the street.

The village’s plowing crews have been working very hard to keep the streets safe and accessible. Remember that parked cars must be kept off of village streets once two inches of snow fall. They must remain off the street for 10 hours after it stops snowing.

Push shoveled snow to your lawn or parkway and never into the street where it becomes an icy hazard.

Adopt the fire hydrants near your home, digging them out from the street and clearing a perimeter of three feet around them. If you’re not physically able to, ask a neighbor or a family member to make sure firefighters can access the hydrants in an emergency.

Please check on elderly and disabled neighbors to be sure they’re okay. Travel only if you have to and please be very cautious when you do.

You can find regular snow and weather updates on the village’s website and on our Facebook page.

We appreciate everyone’s cooperation and patience and wish you and your families all the best in the New Year.