Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween Safety Tips
Posted on 12/12/2008

Halloween Safety Tips

The Orland Park Police Department would like to present these Halloween Safety tips to children and their parents.

All too often the children allow the excitement of the day to prevent them from exercising caution, both in their haste to go from house to house, and crossing streets. Costumes and masks prevent good visibility, both for the child wearing the costume, and drivers of cars. Balance can also be an issue, when walking, if the costume is long and flowing. One aspect that each child needs to be reminded of is to be careful.

Trick or Treating isn't what it once was. Safety on the streets isn't the same. Parents or responsible young adults need to be walking with the children, to ensure their safety. This should help children to remember the following rules of safety for trick or treating.

1. Never let your child Trick-or Treat alone.
2. Tell the children never to enter into the home or a car of anyone that says they will give them candy or treats.
3. Stay on the sidewalks, cross all streets at the corner and driveways after checking both ways. Remove masks, or other parts could cause them to fall, or not be able to have a clear view (good peripheral vision) of the street and oncoming vehicles.
4. Have a designated area, or plan a safe route, that is known to the child and parent to trick or treat, preferably the child's own neighborhood, and go only to homes which are lit.
5. All children should stay with their group and the adults or young adult they went out with.
6. If the child is carrying any type of prop, sword, staff, hatchet, etc… the parent should ensure rounded, smooth ends and sides and flexible, in case of a fall to prevent injury.
7. The costume should be fireproof. Have some sort of reflective material in or on the costume.
8. Do not allow children to eat candy that is open or the wrapping is damaged in any way, parents should check all candy first.