Village's Electrical Aggregation Program Saves Residents Money

Village's Electrical Aggregation Program Saves Residents Money
Posted on 12/18/2013

Village of Orland Park residents who participated in the village’s Electric Aggregation Savings Program have enjoyed savings on their ComEd bills since the program’s inception in 2012.

Residential accounts received a fixed rate of 4.823¢ per kWh (4.85¢ for small commercial retail accounts) for a two-year term with Nordic Energy – a significant savings versus the ComEd rate which adjusts monthly, and as of December 2013, was 6.005 cents per kWh (a 20% reduction).

“We’ve heard from a number residents praising the village’s Electrical Aggregation Program,” said Orland Park Mayor Dan McLaughlin. “It’s even better to see the numbers, to know how much this program is saving our residents,” he said.

In the program’s first 16 months, participating Orland Park households saved on average, $292 in electric supply costs, for a cumulative village-wide savings of $5,575,000. The program includes Renewable Energy Certificates representing 25% of the village’s electric energy use.

New residents are not automatically enrolled in the program, but all are welcome to join at any time by calling Nordic Energy at 877-808-1022. They must give their ComEd account number, service address and specifically request the Orland Park fixed rate of 4.823 cents. There is no fee to join or to leave the program. Those enrolled with other suppliers should first check with their current supplier to determine if they are subject to any early termination fee before joining the village’s program.

“We encourage everyone to look at the numbers. During the first 16 months the village offered the program, residents saved an average of $292 in electric supply costs,” McLaughlin said, adding, “New residents are strongly encouraged to call to enroll in the program.”

To determine who an electric supplier is, residents should check their ComEd bills and look one-third down the page for the bold header “Electricity Supply Services.” Those in the village’s aggregation program will see “Nordic Energy” and a rate of $0.04823. If not, customers are either enrolled with another supplier or are receiving the ComEd “default” rate that is stated as three separate charges: Electricity Supply Charge, Transmission Services Charge, and Purchased Electricity Adjustment.

The Orland Park Village Board chose a 24-month term with Nordic Energy at what was a very opportune time in the electric market. Prices have since climbed.

The ComEd supply rate (actually a rate established by the Illinois Power Agency) is expected to rise in June 2014 from the current 6.005 cents per kWh due to known increased capacity charges (which are included in the ComEd supply rate).

The Village of Orland Park’s program rate will remain fixed at 4.823 through July 2014. Those increased capacity charges will not be passed through to Orland Park aggregation program participants. At the end of the two-year term, the village may again seek competitive rates to renew the program.

Residents continue to receive one monthly bill generated by ComEd and continue to receive delivery services from ComEd. Any outages should be reported to ComEd. Residents with issues with supply or enrollment are encouraged to leave any questions and callback numbers with the village’s consultant, NIMEC at 800-727-3820.