Community Wide Survey Rates Quality of Life High in the Village of Orland Park

Community Wide Survey Rates Quality of Life High in the Village of Orland Park
Posted on 05/19/2016

The Village of Orland Park launched its third National Citizens Survey earlier this year with questionnaires sent to a random sample of 1600 households throughout the village.

The 18-question comprehensive questionnaire asked about the quality of life in Orland Park as it relates to safety, mobility, natural and built environment, economy, recreation and wellness, education and community engagement.

"Feedback from the community, whether from a survey or a phone call from a resident, is a valuable resource," explained Mayor Dan McLaughlin. "It helps the village plan, resolve issues and opens up another line of direct communication with residents."

The village's overall quality of life was rated as excellent or good by 95 percent of the respondents.

According to the survey report, "Overall quality of community life represents the natural ambience, services and amenities that make for an attractive community. How residents rate their overall quality of life is an indicator of the overall health of a community."

Nine of 10 residents reported an overall feeling of safety, as well as feeling safe in their neighborhood and in the commercial/downtown area.

Nearly nine in 10 residents gave excellent or good ratings to the overall image of Orland Park and the village as a place to raise children. These ratings were higher than the national benchmark.
Built environment and recreation and wellness ranked higher than the national benchmark, while education and enrichment; community engagement; economy; natural environment; mobility and safety were a mix of ratings similar to the national benchmark.

Residents gave generally high marks for governance, with services provided, direction of the community, and confidence in village government among those attributes exceeding national benchmark comparisons.

"Orland Park's results are a statistically representative sample of village residents," explained Trustee Jim Dodge, chair of the village's Economic Development, Strategy and Community Engagement Committee. "The random sampling of the survey was designed to have every Orland Park household have an equal opportunity to be included."

In addition to a summary of ratings, residents indicated economy and safety as priorities/the most important focus areas for the community in the coming two years.

"We're pleased with the results of the survey," Dodge added. "While there is always room for improvement, this is a great indicator of what we should focus on moving forward."

The Village of Orland Park contracted with the National Research Center, Inc. to conduct its third National Citizen Survey. Previous surveys were sent out in 2012 and 2014.

"We appreciate residents taking the time to complete the survey," the mayor said. "It's nice to hear that people are pleased with the village's progress and we've learned about what areas are important to residents."

The full survey report is available on the village's opening web page at Residents not contacted with the initial survey may take it on the village's website.

Those with questions may direct them to the village's Office of Public Information at 708/403-6188.