Village of Orland Park Announces 2009 Garden Contest Winners

Village of Orland Park Announces 2009 Garden Contest Winners
Posted on 08/26/2009

The Village of Orland Park is pleased to announce the winners of the eleventh Annual Garden Contest. The contest is open to amateur gardeners who are residents of detached, single-family homes within the corporate limits of Orland Park.

Liz Credio will receive the First Place Award for her garden. Credio's property contains many separate garden beds and sitting areas along with fun and well-placed lawn ornaments. She has a large variety of plants, flowers and shrubs with many textures and colors.

Dawn Korolenko's garden has been chosen to receive the Second Place Award. This is a beautiful yard with flower beds, yard ornaments, a path filled with foliage and many flower pots on the patio.

The Third Place Award will be presented to Joseph O'Boyle for his beautifully landscaped yard that is bordered with a colorful variety of flowers. O'Boyle's yard is perfectly manicured and maintained.

An Honorable Mention award will be presented to Mary and Dave Evans for "Best Hardscape Yard." The Evans' yard features a pool, ponds with plants and stone and an outdoor fireplace.

The Credio, Korolenko and Evans yards were all featured on this year's Open Lands of Orland Park Garden Walk in June.

Village Trustee Brad O'Halloran initiated the Garden Contest in 1999 to recognize Orland Park residents for their work in beautifying and maintaining their property. Trustee O'Halloran stated, "There are so many outstanding gardens in Orland Park planted and maintained by our residents. We're proud to recognize these gardeners for the beautiful and talented work they have done on their property." I encourage more residents to enter the contest each year," he added.

Gardens were judged on overall appearance and maintenance, use of color, texture and native plants, variety and combination of plants and flowers, suitability of plants and landscaping and special or unique features. Judges included Master Gardeners Judith Jacobs and Elaine Cooper.

Awards will be presented to the winners at the Village of Orland Park Board of Trustees meeting at 7 pm on Monday, September 21, 2009.