Lowest Number of Recorded Index Crimes Since 1994

Orland Park Reports Lowest Number of Recorded Index Crimes Since 1994
Orland Park Police DepartmentORLAND PARK, IL (February 28, 2019) --- In 2018, the Orland Park Police Department reported 1,028 index crimes to the FBI. This is the lowest number since 1994 when the department reported 1028 index crimes to them. At that time, the village population was approximately 44,000 and the community had far less retail space than today. 

This amounts to a drop of 8% from 2017 when the department reported 1,129 index crimes to the FBI and follows a drop in crime of 17% from 2016 to 2017. Orland Park had only 20 violent crimes in 2018 which is the second lowest reported number in 25 years and will again likely be one of the lowest number of violent crimes for communities over 50,000. 

In addition, total property crime was also down by 77 which includes a reduction in most areas of theft.

“This is a testament to the men and women of the Orland Park Police Department,” said Mayor Keith Pekau. “The Orland Park Police Department utilizes all of its resources to keep our community safe and it shows in these numbers.” 

“The Orland Park Police Department is known for its proactive policing programs,” said Trustee Pat Gira, chair of the village’s Public Safety Committee. “Programs like the retail detail, bike patrol and innovative crime fighting strategies make a significant impact on crime in Orland Park. Another example is The Working Group, a cooperative effort between the Police Department and the Development Services Departments to address village code violations. All of these programs have a positive impact on public safety.”  

“Literally, 98% of our total index crime reported to the FBI is property crime and most but not all takes place in our retail/commercial areas.  To see reductions in both violent crime and property crime is very significant,” said Orland Park Police Chief Tim McCarthy. “Proactive policing and enforcement measures coupled with outstanding work by every member of the department led to these results.” 

McCarthy explained  that while the total number of property crimes  was down, there was an increase in the category of thefts from unlocked vehicles and motor vehicle thefts where people leave there cars unlocked and keys in the car. “We can stop this crime in its tracks by simply locking our cars and not leaving the keys in them,” the chief stressed. “Residents can help stop these crimes cold --- they are totally preventable.”  
The mayor added, “Public safety is and will continue to be a priority in Orland Park and it’s great to see the numbers that show such positive results.”