Village of Orland Park Employee Values Statement


We, the employees of the Village of Orland Park, share a dedication and commitment to:

  • A high level of TRUST and RESPECT within our community and our organization. By accepting ACCOUNTABILITY, acting RELIABLY and RESPONSIBLY, and demonstrating LOYALTY, we preserve an environment that supports SINCERE, AUTHENTIC, HONEST, and ETHICAL behavior.

  • The use of EFFECTIVE and OPEN COMMUNICATION through LISTENING and UNDERSTANDING, with CARE and COMPASSION, for the diversity in our community and our organization. By maintaining and projecting an ACCESSIBLE, OPEN-MINDED attitude and COURTESY, we ensure open communication.

  • The effectiveness of TEAMWORK in achieving our COMMON GOALS. With FLEXIBILITY, SUPPORT, COMPETENT LEADERSHIP, FAIRNESS, and RESPECT for cultural and social DIVERSITY, we COOPERATE in an atmosphere of INTERDEPENDENCE. While always respecting the VALUE OF EACH INDIVIDUAL, we recognize the importance of the COMMON GOOD of our community and organization over that of any one of its members.

  • A HIGH STANDARD of PROFESSIONALISM, which begins with dedication to FRIENDLY SERVICE through the EMPOWERMENT of COMPETENT, DEPENDABLE, and WELL-TRAINED employees. We encourage INNOVATIVE ideas and solutions along with PRIDE in our work and accomplishments. We strive for CONSISTENCY in our treatment of residents, and our demonstrated INTEGRITY establishes and maintains TRUST within our community.

  • Improving the QUALITY OF LIFE by maintaining an equitable balance between our WORK and FAMILY, promoting the democratic process, and treating our fellow employees and citizens with RESPECT and providing the SUPPORT which we, in turn, expect. We strive to enhance the IMAGE and QUALITY OF LIFE of our community and to protect the SECURITY and SAFETY of our community and workplace, and we offer many opportunities to the community to improve and sustain their overall health. With a POSITIVE, FUN ATTITUDE, respect for others’ time and priorities, we ensure an ATTRACTIVE work and living environment.