Incident at Sky Zone Leads to Investigation

Incident at Sky Zone Trampoline Park Leads to Investigation
Posted on 09/13/2020

Incident at Sky Zone Trampoline Park Leads to Investigation
Orland Park, IL (September 13, 2020) - Yesterday evening, Orland Park Police were called to Sky Zone Trampoline Park, a local indoor recreation facility, related to a fight inside the business. Sky Zone was hosting a lock-in. 
Upon arrival, a large gathering of minors was observed which far exceeded the maximum occupancy permitted for that facility and presented a clear and present danger to the health, safety and welfare of those present.  Officers shut-down the event and everyone in attendance, including juveniles, proceeded to the parking lot and were directed by officers to arrange for rides home. Because of the large number of participants, Orland Park Police requested assistance from neighboring agencies to ensure that all of the minor participants were picked-up safely. Officers remained until everyone left and the area was safe.
The business was cited for numerous violations including two for reckless conduct and one for a fire code occupancy violation.
“Last night’s event at Sky Zone is very concerning, especially considering the threat posed to the children,” said Mayor Keith Pekau. Intentional and willful acts that jeopardize public health, safety and welfare, and that are in clear violation of the Village Code and other laws have no place in our community.  The Village has started the procedure necessary to begin the process of revoking Sky Zone’s business license,” explained Pekau.
During last night’s event, reports regarding the event were disseminated on local social media feeds and blogs that included misinformation and an inadvertent coupling of this incident with others occurring simultaneously in other municipalities. Please remember to consult official Village communication channels for accurate information regarding this and any other Village-related information.


Nabeha Zegar
Public Information Communication Manager