Secretary of State Makes Decision to Permanently Close Village Hall Location

Secretary of State Makes Decision to Permanently Close Village Hall Location
Posted on 06/02/2020

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Secretary of State Makes Decision to Permanently Close Village Hall Location

  • Prior to COVID-19 outbreak, the Secretary of State had plans to open a full-service facility in Orland Park, in place of the very limited Village Hall Express Facility.
  • Following Governor’s stay-at-home mandate, and corresponding economic fallout, Secretary of State instead moved to permanently close Village Hall facility.
  • Sticker renewals available online at, Currency Exchange (15010 S. LaGrange Rd) or at any other regional Secretary of State location.
  • Mayor Pekau calls on Secretary of State to open full-service facility in Orland Park.

Orland Park, IL (June 2, 2020)-
The Illinois Secretary of State Express Facility, formerly located within Orland Park’s Village Hall, will not reopen at the Orland Park location after a decision made by the Secretary of State’s Office.

Secretary of State facilities across the State had been closed since March due to the coronavirus pandemic. Last week, Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White announced a reopening plan for facilities. This plan did not include the Orland Park Express Facility.

In December of 2019, after more than 25 years of providing rent-free space within Village Hall, the Village asked the Secretary of State to enter into a lease agreement and provide the taxpayers of Orland Park proper indemnification and insurance to protect against undue liability. Instead, the Secretary of State countered with a relocation of their Orland Park facility to a larger facility in the community, which would include expansion of services to enable driving tests and Real ID services.

The Village worked with representatives from the Secretary of State’s Office, and several commercial property owners in the Village, to identify spaces meeting the Secretary of State’s needs. The Village pledged to the Secretary of State to make the transition easy by offering to allow the Secretary of State operations to remain within Village Hall rent-free until their new space was outfitted and their move could be completed. Eventually, the Secretary of State confirmed they were in negotiators with a property owner in Orland Park and would be opening a full-service facility that would include Real ID, road tests, and license plate stickers. The property owner also offered to provide rent-free facilities while the full-service build-out occurred.

While these lease negotiations were being finalized, COVID-19 ramped-up and the Secretary of State’s Office made the decision to temporarily close all of their locations. Later, Village representatives were informed by the Secretary of State’s Office that they would be unable to reopen at Village Hall due to social distancing requirements. Accordingly, the Secretary of State removed their equipment from Village Hall and indicated their intentions to relocate to a new location within the community, which they estimated to take place within two to three months’ time.

“I understand the dire financial situation in which the State of Illinois has found itself,” said Mayor Keith  Pekau. “However, the residents of Orland Park and surrounding communities deserve a full-service Secretary of State facility. For a quarter-century, the taxpayers of Orland Park provided the Secretary of State’s Office rent-free facilities in exchange for a very limited number of services. In addition, the taxpayers of Orland Park contribute approximately $250 million in tax revenue annually to the State of Illinois.   I urge the Secretary of State to provide a full-service facility that provides Real ID, road tests and license plate stickers.”

In the meantime, license plate stickers are available for purchase on the Secretary of State’s website at, locally at the Currency Exchange at 15010 S. LaGrange Rd, or at any one of numerous other regional Secretary of State locations.

All questions regarding Illinois Secretary of State services should be directed to the Secretary of State offices at (800)252-8980 or online at




Nabeha Zegar
Public Information Communication Manager


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