Curfew Imposed as a Result of Vandalism and Violence

Curfew Imposed as a Result of Vandalism and Violence
Posted on 05/31/2020

Nabeha Zegar
Public Information Communication Manager

Curfew Imposed as a Result of Vandalism and Violence

Orland Park, IL (May 31, 2020) – Over the last few days, many cities across the U.S. have seen demonstrations over the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. In many cases, violent actors appear to be using these demonstrations for their own agendas. As a result, the Orland Park Police Department responded to multiple acts of vandalism and violence.


The Village of Orland Park has initiated a number of proactive measures to protect life and property.


  • Working with the management of the Orland Square Mall, the mall closed early on Sunday. Barriers were placed at entrances restricting access to the mall.
  • Several other area businesses closed early as well.
  • Social media posts and Code Red notification were issued advising residents of the disturbances and advising that residents avoid impacted areas.


As of 5:00 p.m., the following arrests have been made:


  • One adult and one juvenile were arrested attempting to break-in to a jewelry store at 151st and Regent.
  • One adult was arrested at Orland Square Mall for disorderly conduct.


As a precaution, and in preparation for potential additional vandalism and violence, Mayor Keith Pekau has declared a State of Emergency and has imposed a Village-wide curfew from 9:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m.


“The Village of Orland Park is working diligently to protect life and property. To those who seek to exploit the injustice  to George Floyd in order to sow chaos and destruction, you are not welcome,” said Mayor Pekau. “The First  Amendment protects the right to peaceful assembly. That form of protest is always welcome in Orland Park. However, purposeful destruction of property, theft and any criminal activity will not be tolerated,” said Pekau.


This curfew will be enforced by the Orland Park Police Department with exceptions made for those traveling to and from work, seeking medical care, or fleeing from dangerous circumstances; law enforcement; members of the news media; federal, state, or local public officials conducting necessary work; are also exempt. Violation of the curfew order is a misdemeanor.


With the concurrence of the Board of Trustees on Monday evening, this curfew will stay in place each night until through Wednesday morning, unless a further extension is deemed necessary.


“The Orland Park Police Department will continue to support the peaceful exercise of First Amendment rights. We will not, however, tolerate violence and property destruction. Individuals engaging in this behavior will be arrested and prosecuted,” said Police Chief Timothy McCarthy.