Orland Park to Restaurants: Expand Outdoor Seating

Orland Park to Restaurants: Expand Outdoor Seating
Posted on 05/20/2020

Orland Park to Restaurants: Expand Outdoor Seating
Interested establishments should contact Village’s Development Services Department for Information

Orland Park, IL (May 20, 2020) – The Orland Park Village Board of Trustees unanimously approved an ordinance on Monday, May 18, 2020 allowing restaurants within the Village limits to incorporate outdoor seating into available outdoor space to accommodate diners.

 “We are doing all we can to come up with ways to in which they Village can assist Village businesses in their recovery,” said Mayor Keith Pekau. “Once restaurants are allowed to re-open, they will now have options for increasing seating without violating social distancing guidelines.”

The ordinance reads: “One way the Village can assist its restaurants to recover economically is to allow, on a temporary basis, the initiation or expansion of outdoor seating and outdoor dining with certain restrictions to require social distancing, appropriate and safe pedestrian paths and to protect outdoor dining patrons from vehicular traffic hazards.”


“I want to thank Nabeha Zegar for bringing the idea forward.  I also want to thank the rest of the Village staff for their hard work making this idea a reality.  This will help the Orland Park’s business community recover once they begin returning to normal.” explained Pekau.


Local concrete, materials and logistics contractor Ozinga is working with the Village to provide concrete blocks for bordering the temporary outdoor dining spaces. The blocks will be offered at a discounted price to Orland Park businesses while the Village’s Public Works Department can assist in the placement of concrete blocks.


“Outdoor seating and dining will allow businesses to expand the number of patrons served,” said Pekau. “With more customers, comes the need for more servers, more tables served means more bussers needed, more diners needing to be seated, more hosts and the list just grows,” said Pekau.


Late today, Governor Pritzker announced that restaurants can open for outdoor seating on May 29th.  “I applaud Governor Pritzker for incorporating this measure, which the Village Board approved a few days ago, into the Restore Illinois Plan” said Mayor Pekau.  “This step is in the right direction.  However, I urge the Governor to also allow indoor seating at limited capacity.  Between the outdoor dining, and the limited indoor dining, restaurants can begin their recovery while adhering to social distancing measures.” 


Restaurant owners can begin the application process by contacting the Village’s Development Services Department at 708-403-5300.