Lock your Doors

Lock Your Doors 2020
Posted on 05/15/2020



Nabeha Zegar

Public Information Communication Manager nzegar@orlandpark.org



Making Sure Car Doors are Locked

When Easily Preventable Crimes Aren’t Prevented


The Orland Park Police Department continually reminds our residents and visitors to lock their car doors at all times when they are away from their cars and to never leave keys in an unlocked car. We thank the vast majority of our residents that always lock their cars and help to keep the community safe. Regardless, almost every month the Village experiences a couple of vehicle thefts as a result of keys that have been left in unlocked cars.


“In one case, a resident had two cars stolen at different times when the cars were left unlocked and the keys left inside,” said Orland Park Police Chief Tim McCarthy. “This type of crime is totally preventable but can be so dangerous for so many reasons. Under aged drivers may take the car for a joy ride, which could end in a tragedy. Criminals can get your garage door opener from your unlocked car and enter your home while other criminals cruise the entire metropolitan area looking for unlocked cars to steal from that often contain wallets, purses, cash, other items of value and credit cards that are used before the owner is even aware” said Chief McCarthy.


The Police Department recovers most of the stolen cars which are usually found in other communities. However, what happens to the cars in the meantime? Investigation has shown that cars stolen from Orland Park and other communities have been used in murders, car jackings, robberies and other serious crimes throughout the area that might not have occurred without the use of a stolen car. McCarthy noted that “as a community, we can avoid many of these crimes when criminals find out that cars in Orland Park are locked and secured.”


Orland Park’s crime rate is low with one of our most prevalent crimes being thefts from unlocked cars and the theft of unlocked cars with keys left in them and not violent crime. “Nevertheless, we take all crime seriously and the consequences that go with it especially as these crimes are so easily preventable,” added McCarthy. “Therefore, we are asking our residents to redouble their efforts to prevent these crimes and keep criminals out of our neighborhoods.”


The men and women of the Orland Park Police Department want to thank the residents for their support and cooperation keeping Orland Park safe and remember, IF YOU SEE SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING NOW.