Parking Prohibited Once Two Inches of Snow Fall

Parking Prohibited Once Two Inches of Snow Fall
Posted on 01/18/2019
The Village of Orland Park Public Works Department is preparing for the winter storm headed to the Chicago area.

Parking on village streets is prohibited when two or more inches of snow have fallen. Parked vehicles must be kept off the street for 10 hours after it snows to enable plowing crews to make clear passes. Vehicles parked on the street after two inches have fallen will be ticketed and/or towed.

Residents should keep trash toters behind the curb line to prevent them from rolling into the street.

Never push shoveled snow into the street and always to the lawn or parkway. Also, those who are physically able are asked to clear a path to fire hydrants from the street, clearing a three-foot perimeter around the hydrant so firefighters can access it quickly and easily in an emergency.
Orland Park residents are encouraged to check on elderly and disabled friends and neighbors during the storm.