Application Requirements

Citizenship: All candidates must be a citizen of the United States at the time of application filing.

Age: All candidates must not be less than 21 years of age and not more than 35 years of age (unless otherwise permitted by statute) as of date of orientation session.

Education: Must have two (2) years of college credits (minimum sixty (60) semester hours) or one and one-half (1 1/2) years of college credits (minimum forty-five (45) semester hours) and one year of continuous active duty in the Armed Forces of the United States of America.

General Physical Condition: Must be able to satisfactorily demonstrate sufficient physical agility and muscular coordination and pass a rigid physical and an optical examination.

Mandatory Documents: At the time that the application is returned, the following documents must have been requested or otherwise accompany the application.  All documents become the property of the Board of Fire and Police Commissioners.

  • Application filled out in its entirety and signed where applicable
  • Copy of Birth Certificate;
  • Copy of Driver's License;
  • Copy of NIPSTA Card (exhibiting that testing took place between October 28, 2017 and April 28, 2018).  The NIPSTA card is to be provided no later than the date of the written examination;
  • College transcripts to be SENT directly to the Board of Fire and Police Commissioners at the address as outlined on the cover page.  Do not hand deliver copies of transcripts to the Board.  All college transcripts are to be independently sent by the applicable college(s) and bear the official college seal;
  • If applicable: If the candidate has prior military service, submit service discharge certificate AND DD #214 form;
  • If applicable: If the candidate has prior law enforcement experience, submit a copy of certification as issued by the Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board;
  • Preference Points: Preference points are added to the test score in accordance with Illinois law.

 There will be no deviation or exception to any of the application requirements as described.  Plan accordingly.  Do not wait until the last minute to obtain the mandatory documentation.  

Note: Should you change addresses or phone numbers during the application process, it is imperative that you contact the board in writing within twenty-four (24) hours and provide updated contact information.