Orland Park One of Two Midwest Locations With Fly Yoga

Orland Park One of Two Midwest Locations With Fly Yoga
Posted on 06/20/2013

Fly Yoga was named the “best new yoga” on Chicago Magazine’s annual "Best of Chicago" edition. The Village of Orland Park Sportsplex is the second Midwest location to offer the program.

“Fly Yoga is a great way to improve flexibility and balance using a hammock suspended from the ceiling,” said Sportsplex Fitness Manager Deborah Graham-Geghen. “This has been a great addition to people’s workout routines,” she said.

Fly Yoga is a combination of yoga techniques, gymnastics and dance.

Sportsplex Fly Yoga and Pilates Instructor/ Personal Trainer Terri Randolph began teaching the program for the village in September. A seven year veteran of the village’s fitness programs, Randolph said, “I fell in love with the program when I visited I.D. Gym in Lincoln Park and learned from the instructor who originally developed Fly Yoga,” she explained.

“This program helps to stretch and strengthen the muscles, promote balance and relaxation and relieve stress,” Randolph said. “I’ve had clients tell me it helps with their migraine headaches and lower back pain,” she added.

Randolph emphasized that anyone can do fly yoga --- from people who have never worked out to athletes.

“Men can also greatly benefit from fly yoga,” Randolph said. “Their muscles can be very tight from a lack of stretching and these exercises can help lengthen their muscles while promoting flexibility,” she said.

“I enjoy Fly Yoga because it helps with flexibility, core strengthening and balance,” said Heather B. a Sportsplex participant. “Hanging in the hammock helps stretch my muscles and I love hanging upside down because it creates length in my spine. When the class is over, I feel completely stretched and relaxed. I’m very happy that Fly Yoga is offered at the Sportsplex. It’s been a great addition to my workout routine,” she said.

Fly Yoga is offered at the village’s Sportsplex in different sessions throughout the year with classes held during the day and evening. Private classes are also available on request. The next session of classes is July 1 to August 10 with classes offered at a variety of times Monday through Saturday. The cost is $90 for residents, $135 for non-residents and $85 for Sportsplex members.

“We invite everyone to join us for a fun and exciting class that gives a good workout and leaves you feeling totally relaxed,” Randolph said.

The Village of Orland Park Sportsplex is located at 11351 West 159th Street. For more information, call 708/645-PLAY.