Village Issues CodeRed Snow Alert & Reminders

Village Issues CodeRed Snow Alert & Reminders
Posted on 02/01/2015

The following message was dispatched earlier today to all of the subscribers in the village's CodeRed Alert System. If not registered to receive emergency information, click the link at the end of the story to be added to the system.

Please hold for an important message from the Village of Orland Park.

Village snow plowing crews have been out since the start of the storm and will continue for the duration. Main thoroughfares are plowed first followed by secondary streets and then cul-de-sacs and dead ends.

The Chicago area is under blizzard conditions and we ask for your cooperation.

Motorists are cautioned to travel only if absolutely necessary, remembering to drive very carefully and be aware of snow plows and emergency vehicles.

Parking is currently prohibited on all village streets. Please be advised that the Orland Park Police will be ticketing parked cars which will be towed if necessary.

Snow should always be pushed to the lawn and never into the street.

If able, please make fire hydrants visible and accessible, clearing them from the street.

Please check on elderly and disabled neighbors.

We thank you for your cooperation and patience.