State Reimburses Orland Park for Road Projects

State Reimburses Orland Park for Road Projects
Posted on 01/30/2009

The Village of Orland Park received a $3.81 million dollar payment from the State of Illinois, partially reimbursing the village for the cost to improve the intersection of 159th Street and LaGrange Road.

"We're very pleased that the village has been partially reimbursed for what we spent to make the long needed improvements at 159th Street and LaGrange," said Orland Park Mayor Dan McLaughlin.

McLaughlin added, "Orland Park takes a proactive approach and serves as a primer for these projects. The village enjoys a good working relationship with the Illinois Department of Transportation."

The state's partial reimbursement enables the village to fund more road improvements. The Village of Orland Park has completed the early engineering phases for improvements to 143rd Street, 153rd Street, 104th Avenue and Wolf Road, 70% of which is reimbursed by the state.

"Orland Park getting these projects moving and the state reimbursing the village shows how well local and state government can work together," McLaughlin added.