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Commercial Occupancy Only
Occupancy Requirements - Moving in without any work being done to space.
If you are doing any work, please refer to this page.

ALL of the following forms are required for applying to occupy a tenant/commercial space within the Village of Orland Park:
       If applicable:
         For other licenses required, such as: Vending Machines, Tobacco License,
               Amusement Device, Pet Shop Operator, Massage, refer to:
          License Applications

         Occupancy Rules & Regulations
         Orland Fire District Inspection Checklist for New Tenants
         Building Code Editions
         Plan Review FAQ

Permits and Licenses
Occupancy only permit fees for commercial use include the permit fee, zoning permit fee, health fee if applicable & inspection fee.

Sign Permits
Sign permits require a separate sign permit application.

Business Licenses
Business Licenses are required per Village Code Title 7, Chapter 2. Fee is based on square footage, except for food service establishments where the fee is based on the number of seats.

Other Licenses
Licenses are also required for:
    Vending Machines    
    Amusement Devices    
    Sale of Tobacco    
    Massage Therapists:
              State License Required        
              Police background check and approval required before certificate of occupancy can be issued.         
              Please call 708-364-4945 for application and more information.

Required Inspections
Commercial Occupancy Only Inspections

General Information:
Intended use must be approved in accordance with the Village Land Development Code.

  • Call the Planning Division at 708-403-5300 to confirm that your business is allowed to operate at the site your have selected or to help you locate sites which are appropriate.
  • Final occupancy inspection approval must be obtained to verify minimum fire, life safety, exiting, accessibility to environmental limited persons, and health hazard conditions.
  • Permit Fees must be paid as per Village Code, Title 5, Chapter 2.