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Pilates Personal Training
Woman doing pilatesPilates is a non-impact, full-body exercise that helps coordinate mind, body, and breath. Your Pilates instructor will work with you to safely increase your strength and endurance while working the deep intrinsic muscles of the core. The variety of exercises are performed on mats or specialized equipment and help to strengthen muscles, flexibility, and improve coordination. This opportunity for individual or group training is exclusively available at the Sportsplex.

Call 708-403-6285 for a free 20-minute trial session.

Session Information
Training sessions are 55 minutes in length and expire one-year after purchase. If you have any questions, please contact Fitness Manager Deborah Geghen. Prices are per person and those signing up together must train together.

View our Pilates Reformer personal training rates.  Check our website often for current Pilates training specials!

Fly Yoga Personal Training
Exclusive to the south suburbs!
Stretch further and hold challenging poses longer using a flowing fabric yoga hammock. One can gain strength, flexibility, and focus through this class. This is as fun as fitness can get! Private and group classes are available.