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Recreation Staff
Recreation Administration Office  708-403-7275  
Nancy A. Flores, CPRP, CPO
Director of Recreation
Irene Buikema, CPRP
Recreation Division Manager
Ray Piattoni, CPRP, CPO, CRSS
Recreation Division Manager
Josephine Wimunc
Financial Analyst
Jennifer Medema
Senior Graphic Designer
Therese Dubelbeis
Administrative Coordinator
Kathleen Michau, CTRS, MS
Special Recreation Program Supervisor
Andrea Smaga
Program Supervisor
Brett Sprague, CPO, AFO
Aquatics & Ice Rink Manager
Nick Harvey, CTRS
Recreation Program Supervisor
Special Recreation Division 
Doreen Biela, CEM
Special Events Manager
Terry Williams
Senior Secretary
Cultural Center  708-349-1402  
Jean Petrow, CPRP
Recreation Supervisor
 Sportsplex  708-645-7529  
Kurt Heinlen, CPRP
Recreation Division Manager
Jack Savage
Program Supervisor
Deborah Graham Geghen
Fitness Center Manager
Donna Rymut
Administrative Coordinator 
Stacy Landis
Recreation Staff Supervisor