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147th Street Roundabout

 July 18

Beginning Monday, July 23, 147th Street will be closed to through traffic between Ravinia Avenue and the Walgreens' entrance to the east.

This closure will last no longer than 30 calendar days. Traffic along Ravinia Avenue and LaGrange Road will be detoured around to 149th Street. The Village Hall entrance at 147th Street and Ravinia Avenue will remain open at all times.

Access to the First Personal Bank and Athletico entrances along 147th Street will remain open at all times. The Walgreens' 147th Street entrance is to be maintained with aggregate at all times possible during this period; however, the entrance may need to be closed for short periods of time during removal and paving of the area. Pedestrian access along 147th Street will remain open at all times. Ravinia Avenue and all entrances along Ravinia Avenue will remain open to traffic. 

July 8-14

- Seasons Landscaping installing inlet filters and placing temporary erosion control seeding
- Protack LLC placing prime coat for temporary pavement
- Highway Safety placing temporary pavement markings and all signage and traffic control for Stage 1 on Wednesday.
- R. W. Dunteman placed temporary pavement early this week. Performing general site cleanup, pouring concrete curb ramps, and shifting traffic over to temporary pavement after Highway Safety performs their work on Wednesday. Later in week will begin Stage 1 removals (northbound curb and gutter, sidewalk, etc…).

July 1-7 Additional Updates:

- AES Services staked out proposed curb line pre-stage storm sewer structures
- Len Cox and Sons completed pre-stage storm sewer and structure installation
- R. W. Dunteman graded final and placed stone subbase for temporary pavement and temporary sidewalk replacement.

July 1 - 7

- Len Cox and Sons to complete pre-stage storm structure installation early this week.

- Seasons Landscaping to lay temporary erosion seeding and blanket along west side of Ravinia.

- R W Dunteman to complete grading and stone subbase for temporary pavement.  Installing HMA for temporary pavement and replacing  damaged sections of temporary sidewalk later this week, pending weather and Len Cox and Son's schedule.

- Site to be cleaned and prepped for the Holiday at the end of the day Tuesday.  No work will be performed on Wednesday.

June 24 - 30




- Len Cox and Sons installed prestage storm manholes north of 147th Street.


- R W Dunteman worked on final grading and laying stone subbase for temporary pavement along west side of Ravinia.





Week of June 24-30:

- Len Cox and Sons installing pre-stage storm manholes north of 147th Street.


- R W Dunteman finishing final grading and laying stone subbase for temporary pavement along west side of Ravinia.

Week of June 17-23:

- AES staked out pre-stage storm inlets

- Len Cox and Sons installed prestage storm manholes and inlets south of 147th St.

- R W Dunteman began final grading for temporary pavement along west side of Ravinia.


June 19, 2018 

Week of June 10-16


- R. W. Dunteman removed rejected curb and gutter at south project limits.  Removed existing flag monument foundation.  Placed temporary sidewalk (HMA) for pre-stage and removed existing sidewalk.  Poured curb and gutter at south limits of project and new path / sidewalk at northmost and southmost project limits on Friday.

- Elmund & Nelson removed two existing light poles along west side of Ravinia and delivered to Village yard off Ravinia.

- Len Cox & Sons began installing new storm structures over existing trunk line on Friday.  Will use temporary aggregate patching in short term until temporary widening pavement is placed.  At that time, areas will be restored with same pavement as temporary pavement.

- All private utilities should be complete with their relocations at this point, except for the existing manhole AT&T will need to remove in Stage 1.  The only remaining work for utilities will be restoration.


Week of June 17-23

- Len Cox & Sons to continue installing new storm sewer structures over existing trunk line (and a few connected inlet structures). 

- R. W. Dunteman will begin final excavation and aggregate subbase placement for the pre-stage pavement widening after Len Cox & Sons finishes storm structure installation south of 147th.  This will likely begin on Thursday (6/21) this week.  Will likely begin laying asphalt for temporary pavement very early next week (about 6/25), depending on Len Cox & Sons’ progress.

June 8, 2018


Week of June 3- June 9

- Dunteman to finish pre-stage earth excavation, sidewalk removal, and curb and gutter removal.  Will remove existing flag pole monument and install temporary sidewalk.

- Len Cox & Sons had pre-stage storm structures delivered on site Monday, will begin installing/adjusting structures Wednesday.

- Highway Safety Corp will be on site Tuesday to install pre-stage temporary pavement marking, barrels/barricades, and signage.

- Nicor should be making final connections Tuesday, then can pressure test, abandon the old main, backfill, and get off site by Wednesday.

- Comcast scheduled to finish their splicing on Tues/Wed.

Week of May 28-June 1

- Dunteman worked on removing existing curb and gutter and sidewalk at the north and south project limits, for pre-stage permanent sidewalk installation. Also began removing existing topsoil for temporary widening.

- AES Services worked on construction layout and staking for alignments, temp fence, erosion barrier, and proposed path.

- Seasons landscaping installed perimeter erosion barrier.

- Steve Piper & Sons removed trees and installed temporary fencing.

- Nicor finished new main and service boring, still need to make final connections.

- AT&T continued pulling new copper and fiber.

May 3, 2018



Utility construction is ongoing at and around the intersection of 147th and Ravinia. Road construction will begin in the next 2-3 weeks.  Drivers can expect delays related to construction in this area.

March 1, 2018

Beginning March 12, 2018  utility relocation work for the 147th & Ravinia roundabout will commence.


In preparation for the construction of a roundabout at 147th Street and Ravinia Avenue, the relocation of utilities within the construction area will begin on Monday, March 12, 2018. A majority of the work will occur in the parkway areas along Ravinia Avenue & 147th Street. Daily lane closures may be needed during construction and minor delays can be expected.
































































Photos: Roundabout Progress
Photo Jun 19, 11 01 19 AM.jpg
147th and Ravinia-June 19, 2018

147th and Ravinia July 6, 2018


The Village of Orland Park’s first roundabout will soon be constructed at the intersection located at 147th and Ravinia Avenue, just east of Village Hall.

In addition to the enhanced functionality and safety, aesthetics will be taken into consideration with greenscapes and beautification of the new roundabout.


A roundabout is a circular intersection where drivers travel counterclockwise around a center island. There are no traffic signals or stop signs in a roundabout.



1) Observe all Rules of the Road.

2) Slow down.

3) Yield to pedestrians and bicyclists at the
crosswalk as you enter.

4) Yield to circulating traffic from the left before entering.

5) Enter the roundabout when there is a safe gap in traffic.

6) Yield to pedestrians and bicyclists at the crosswalk
as you exit at your desired street.

Motorists are required by law to move over when
an emergency vehicle approaches. In the case of
roundabouts, motorists must clear a roundabout if
they hear (or see) an emergency vehicle approaching.

Further Information:





30-50% increase in traffic capacity.


Less idling for cars, less gas being burned into the atmosphere, better fuel economy.

  • Provide landscaping and green space opportunities.
  • Crosswalks included for pedestrians and bicyclists.


- All vehicles travel in same direction. 

-Vehicles never cross paths, which reduces
number of serious crashes.

-Slower vehicle speeds give drivers more
decision making time.

-Roundabouts eliminate head-on and
high-speed right-angle collisions.

-No traffic lights to install and maintain.

-There are 75% fewer conflict points in roundabouts
than in traditional intersections (see diagram below). 


-Look to your left before entering roundabout.

-Vehicles already in the roundabout have the right-of-way. 

-If there is no traffic in the roundabout, proceed slowly into the circle.

-Typical speed within a roundabout is 15-20 mph.