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Economy describes the way we manage our resources as a community.  Orland Park has placed a special emphasis on water and energy, important resources that influence the economy and ecosystem and result in significant costs to the community and the environment.  Programs like the Smart Energy Fund and the Residential Exterior Insulation and Re-Siding Fund, administered through the Smart Business program, decreased energy demand while increasing return on investment.  The Village also promotes WaterSense rated systems to increase water conservation, and Energy Star, to reduce energy consumption.

Smart Business has lowered energy demand during peak operating hours and reduced program participants' carbon footprints.  Programs like SEF and REIRS are examples of smart incentives that address local economic handicaps and environmental concerns and assist small businesses and residents become economically viable and efficient.  Engaging the community with such programs:

  • Maintains the health of the environment and the community.
  • Encourages greater capital investment for economic stability.
  • Reduces risks and liabilities associated with infrastructure maintenance and environmental degradation.