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Understanding Sustainability and Stewardship: The Triple Bottom Line
A common understanding of "sustainable development" is to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.  Sustainability also includes the balance of and coordination between the "Three E's" of ecology, economy and equity, as well as development, to minimize negative impacts on the environment and other systems.

The Triple Bottom Line
One way to understand sustainability and develop a stewardship plan for implementation is to address the three widely recognized elements known as the "Triple Bottom Line":  ecology, economy and equity.  These elements are also sometimes referred to as "planet, profit and people".

Using the links to the left and below, learn about local efforts that address the Three E's of sustainability.

Sustainability and Stewardship Principles
  1. Promote responsible development for local ecology, economy and equity.
  2. Foster symbiosis between human and natural systems.
  3. Improve community health and vitality.
  4. Meet the hierarchy of present and future human needs fairly and efficiently.
  5. Reduce dependence on fossil fuels, chemical and other synthetic/ unnatural substances.

"In order to be more sustainable, we must be greener in the things we do, smarter at what we do, and better than what we did before.  Making a livable community begins with communicating the idea that we are custodians of our places with the responsibility to manage our shared and valuable environmental and economic assets for future generations." Orland Park Comprehensive Plan 2013

The Orland Park Comprehensive Plan has a full chapter on Sustainability and Stewarship, which outlines these ideas and provides a number of recommendations for a sustainable Orland Park future.