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Recreation - Centennial Park Aquatic Center

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1. When does Centennial Pool open/close?
2. Where is Centennial Pool located?
3. Why do I have to wear a swimsuit?
4. What is the lightning system? Why do you close the pool?
5. How old does my child have to be to come to the pool by themselves or with friends?
6. Why can't I get a cash refund if you close?
7. Why do I need both a swim diaper and plastic pants for my child?
8. Why can't I eat on the pool deck?
9. Why do you close the pool if there is fecal matter or vomit in the water?
10. Why can't I use a life jacket down the water slide?
11. Why do you close the pool for swim lessons during regular hours?
12. Can I buy a membership at the pool?
13. Do you sell food?
14. Can I bring in a cooler?
15. Why do I have to pay if I am not swimming?
16. Do you offer private rentals?
17. Do you have to be a resident to come to the pool?
18. Why do I have to prove residency?
19. Can I bring my own chair?
20. Can I bring a stroller?
21. Can I cook on a grill at the pool or outside in the parking lot?
22. When will the pool be closed at night for swim lessons? Does the entire pool shut down?
23. Can my friend take my daughter's pool membership card and use it? I paid for the membership and my daughter does not use it.
24. Can I smoke at the pool?
25. The pool closed because of rain and I lost my stamped receipt. Can I get in?